Sunday, April 1, 2007

Kainkaryam Initiated

By the grace of Divyadampthis and prayers of all devotees, the kainkaryam is started with blessings from Sri Devi, Bhoo, Neela Devi Sametha Sri Vaikunta Natha Perumal (Who is silently watching!) from the backdrop. Bhattar is giving away the prasAdam to Sriman Vasudevan Varahachary and Tmt. Vasudevan which marked the start of Kainkaryam at Sri Vaikunta Vinnagaram in ThirunAngUr on April 1st 2007. Currently (from Dec 2008 onwards) the kaimkaryam is stopped due to the lack of fund.

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ENNAR said...

good I welcome thirumangai azhwar