Tuesday, April 3, 2007


Dear bhAgavathAs, Welcome to this blog! The above is the close view of Thirumangai Azhwar during thEr festival on April 1, 2007 at Thirunagari. The picture justifies the statement in adiyEn's mail that, why couldn't able to move even a single step from the place after seeing Azhwar! Thiru Vaikunta Vinnagaram, is one among ThirunAngUr dhivyadesams which is dear to Kaliyan. This can be experienced by his pAsurams on this dhivyadesam.

Monday, April 2, 2007


The above is the view of entrance to the dhivyadesam. Thirumangai Azhwar says "vaikuntha viNNagaram vaNangu madanenjE" at the end of all pAsurams in Periya Thirumozhi, 3.9.1 - 10.

vaikuntha viNNAgaram vaNangu madanenjE

The above is the view of Sri Vaikuntavalli samEtha Sri Vaikunta Nathan of Thiru Vaikunta Vinnagaram dhivyadesam at ThirunAngUr. Here emperumAn is giving darshan in amarntha (iruntha) thirukOlam as He is at Sri Vaikuntam or Paramapadham and was prathyaksham to Udhanga maharishi and Uparisaravasu. The other name for moolavar is "thAmarai kaNNudaiya pirAn". Infact adiyEn personally enquired the bhattar to show the eyes of moolavar perumal, where he showed the stretch of eyes running from nose to ears. It was a delight and still wonderful sEvai. An another unique is the style in the sitting posture of emperumAn. Here emperumAn (both moolavar and Uthsavar) sits as in Vaikunta lOkam. One hand resting on knees, another on the floor. Please watch out His style in next pictures. Since here emperumAn is giving darshan as like in Vaikuntam, there is no Dwajasthambam, separate GarudAzhwar, thAyAr and other sannidhi's. Only one sannithi that houses Sri Devi, Bhoo Devi, NeelA devi samEtha Sri Vaikunta Natha perumal. Infront of the temple, you can watch a small sannidhi along the walls that houses Surya Narayana Perumal. Let's go inside and have darshan of perumAl and His consorts!

Nandavanam Renovated

Oh sorry! Before that adiyEn wants to share one more thing, thats the nandavanam inside the temple premise. Under the initiative of Sriman Varahachary, the gardeners had cleaned around 60% of the nandavanam area for sappling the new plants! The above picture shows the newly cleaned area which was previously covered with shrubs. Azhwar exclaimed the beauty of this dhivyadesam as

".......salangoNdu malarsoRiyum, malligai oNserunthi
saNbagangal maNanARum, vaNpozhilinUdE
valangoNdu kayalOdi vilaiyAdu nAngUr
vaikuntha viNNagaram, vaNangu madanenjE
" | Periya Thirumozhi -3.9.1

malligai oNserunthi

As said by Thirumangai Azhwar in the above said pAsuram, we planted Mallikai sappling in the cleaned area of nandavanam. The above is the picture showing Sriman Vasudevan Varahachary and Srimathy Kala Vasudevan planting the new sappling. Near to them was the gardener standing, who is going to maintain the nandavanm.

View of Vimanam

This is the view of temple from the nandavanam. The plants were cherished and blossomed with flowers due to the proper supply of water and irrigation by the gardener. Thanks to Sriman Varahachary for this initiative!. At the back one can look out for the "Anantha Sathya Varthaka Vimaanam".

Azhwar Emperuman Acharyan

View of NammAzhwar, Sri Vaikunta Nathan with ubaya nAchimArs along with Srimath Ramanujar welcoming the devotees above the entrance of the dhivyadesam. Now let's have the darshan of emperuman.

During thirumanjanam

The picture shows Sri Devi, Bhoo devi, Neela devi sametha Sri Vaikunta Nathan and Sri Krishnan, chakrathAzhwar during thirumanjanam and enjoy the anubhavam of being in Thiru Vaikunta Vinnagaram during thirumanjanam!

vulaguNda kaalai

Sri Vaikunta Nathan during pAl thirumanjanam. Please click and enlarge the picture to view the flow of milk over emperumAn's thirumEni which is a feast to eyes and delightful. Azhwar says:

"....vEl nedungaN aaichiyargal, vaiththa thayir veNNai
ulangulira amudhuseithu,
ivvulaguNda kaalai........." | Periya Thirumozhi 3.9.7

thirumEni ammAn

EmperumAn during pazham & thEn thirumanjanam. Azhwar says:

"salangoNda iraNiyanathu, agalmArvam keendu
thadangadalai kadainthu, amudham konduganthakaalai
nalangoNda karumugilpOl,
thirumEni ammaan
naalthOrum magizhndhinithu, maruviyuRaikOil
....." | Periya Thirumozhi 3.9.1

The fourth line ".......
magizhndhinithu, maruviyuRaikOil" is repeated in all pAsurams of Periya Thirumozhi 3.9.1-10 which clearly says that, emperumAn as Thiru Vaikunta Nathar is happily(magizhndhinithu) residing(maruviyuRai) in this dhivyadesam.


EmperumAn during ilaneer thirumanjanam. Watch out His style of sitting posture which is an unique in this dhivyadesam. What a majesty and it's beyond our description.

"...ilangai vEndhan mudiorupadhum, thOlirupadhum pOiuthira
thannigaril silaivalaiththu, anDRu ilangai podiseitha
thadanthOlan magizhndhinithu, maruviyuRaikOil..." | Periya Thirumozhi 3.9.5

adalAzhi thadakkaiyyan

Emperuman during manjal thirumanjanam.

"aarAdha sinaththin, migunaragan uramazhiththa
adalAzhi thadakkaiyyan, alarmagatkum araRkkum
kooRAgak koduththarulum,
thiruvudamban imaiyOr
kulamuthalvan magizhndhinithu, maruviyuRaikOil...." | Periya Thirumozhi 3.9.8


EmperumAn during santhana thirumanjanam.

"aNdamum ivvalaikadalum, avanigalum ellAm
amudhuseidha thiruvayiRRan, .............." | Periya Thirumozhi 3.9.3

engal thani nAyaganE! emakkarulAi

EmperumAn after thirumanjanam in sAthupadi. Thirumangai Azhwar explains the situation at thirupARkadal in Periya Thirumozhi 3.9.9. as follows:

"vangamali thadangadalul, vAnavargalOdu
mAmunivar palarkoodi, mAmalargal thoovi
engal thani nAyaganE! , emakkarulAi ' ennum
eesanavan magizhndhinithu, maruviyuRaikOil

EmperumAn who resides in ThirupARkadal also resides here at Thiru Vaikunta Vinnagaram.


Sri Vaikunta Nathar with Sri Devi, Bhoo Devi, Neela Devi after Thirumanjanam. At the back Sri Krishnar and chakrathAzhwar.

".......... arankoNdu thiriyum
muNdamathu niRAIththu, avankaN saapamathu neekkum
mudhalvanavan magizhndhinithu, maruviyuRAIkOil....
" | Periya Thirumozhi 3.9.3

thAmarai kaNN nediya pirAn

The presence of two eyes were NOT enough to capture His beauty! Thirumangai Azhwar performs mangalAsAsanam on Sri Vaikuntha Nathar as "thAmarai kaNNUdaiya pirAn" as follows:

"sangumali thaNdumuthal, chakkaram munEnthum
thAmaraikkaN nediyapirAn, thaan amarum kOil..." | Periya Thirumozhi 3.9.10

adiyEn hopes that, only in this dhivyadesam, the Utsavar is in amarntha thirukOlam(?)


After thirumanjanam, ghOsti sAttrumurai by the theerthakAr, sthalaththArs.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Kainkaryam Initiated

By the grace of Divyadampthis and prayers of all devotees, the kainkaryam is started with blessings from Sri Devi, Bhoo, Neela Devi Sametha Sri Vaikunta Natha Perumal (Who is silently watching!) from the backdrop. Bhattar is giving away the prasAdam to Sriman Vasudevan Varahachary and Tmt. Vasudevan which marked the start of Kainkaryam at Sri Vaikunta Vinnagaram in ThirunAngUr on April 1st 2007. Currently (from Dec 2008 onwards) the kaimkaryam is stopped due to the lack of fund.